Fast facts

Slower facts (more detailed) of our trip around the World :-)

  • How many beds did we occupy so far:
    186 beds
  • How many kilometers did we do by train so far:
    15868 km
  • How many kilometers of noodles did we eat so far:
    1,6 km/pers
  • How many kilograms of rice did we eat so far:
    57,5 kg/pers
  • All what concerns “rip-offs”:
    647 attempts tried on us,
    5 of the attempts were successful,
    1 attempt to rip them off
  • How much weight did we lose: (cumulative per person)
    By sweating: 7,4 kg
    By diarrhea: 9 kg
  • How many days did we enjoy a temperature above 30 °C:
    168 days
  • How much weigh currently our backpack:
    15 kg/pers
  • How many sheep did cross our path:
    689437 sheep

Updated 2008-07-31