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Good winds!

Since a few days, we are enjoying the nice city of the Good Winds or Buenos Aires in Argentina!

Though we had our lot of administrative problems to solve, we could enjoy some relaxing moments in the city, stroll in the beautiful streets (of which some look like the ones of Paris), breath the rhythms of Tango, Cumba or Bosa Nova (though the latest are not typical Argentinian) and learn some basic conversation essentials in Spanish, very useful at the end of our trip ;-) .

There is still a lot to visit and enjoy, and why not even taking some Tango lessons?!? Buenos Aires is definitively a nice place and, especially after such an adventure around the world, it is an excellent city to end our trip.

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Ciao di Cordoba!

We are now in Cordoba resting for a couple of days before heading to Buenos Aires.

In the past week, we visited the remote North-West provinces of Argentina, with some really beautiful and isolated places. The contact with Argentinian was extremely nice and welcoming! Probably Vera will tell you soon in an article more about it.

Enjoy your time, cheers,

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Northern Chile Express

Here we are now, less than a 100 km from the Argentinian border (which means next door for Chilean!). Tomorrow is our last day in Chile and we are heading for Salta, Argentina tomorrow.

Chile was a huge country with an average bus ride of 20 hours, and unlike Laos, the average speed is more like 90 km/h than 20 km/h. And even at that speed, we have never been as confortable in a bus as in Chile. They drive safely (the speed is monitored inside the bus by passengers), there is room for shoulder and legs, the seat are confortable (even the most economic ones).

Anyway, here is a quick list of our visited places in Chile:

  • Santiago: we did a great tour by bicycle, check our links & friends for info.
  • Valpareiso: city walks.
  • La Serena: nice city, the Hurtado and El Encanto valleys nearby are really worth it.
  • Copiapó: initially to visit the nearby natural park Nevade de Tres Cruces, but we find out that it was closed in Winter. So in the same day that we arrived, we hopped on a bus to San Pedro de Atacama.
  • San Pedro de Atacama: 4 days intense visits of the region. This place is a good example of mass tourism, but if you manage to find your own mean of transport (foot, bicycle or car) you can easily avoid that and still enjoy the region.

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Santiago, South America

Here we are now on the South American continent! We just landed a few hours ago in Santiago De Chile. The weather is grey, with rain and a temperature of 9 degree celsius. So nothing to envy us ;-)

But we won´t talk too long then of the wonderful weather we had in Rapa Nui (Easter Island). We did some great hikes there and seeing for real the huge and magnificient Moaïs was gorgeous!

We have now one month t explore the Northern part of Chile and Argentina before flying to Madrid. Yes, we are soon going back to Europe and the begining of our trip.

But for the moment we will enjoy every minute of our stay in South America, so cheers…

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Happy Easter ;-)

We just landed on Easter Island a few hours ago and we are enjoying local downpour rain (though it is not really cold here).

Quite a change from Tahiti and the atoll of Fakarava where we stayed and enjoyed sunshine, little rain showers (free hot water!!) and a whole range of blue colored waters, sharks and delicious parrot fishes. ;-)

More soon to come.

Jean-Christophe & Vera

The cycle loop is done!

Quick stat: 5 weeks and 1800 km

We are now back in Christchurch after the difficult route from Greymouth via Arthur’s and Porter’s Passes, but so beautiful and rewarding.

Before Greymouth, we cycled through the West coast which was quite “wild”: we had to plan carefully in advance to have enough cash and food as shops and banks are scarced there! Now we are relaxing a bit in Christchurch, having sushi and salads with coffee :-)

Tomorrow, we are going to take the train+ferry+night-bus back to Auckland. Almost 24 hours to get there! And then, we will enjoy pretty soon some rest in Tahiti!


Jean-Christophe & Vera

Going West

Quick stat: day ?? and ??? km (to be updated later)

We are now back in Wanaka after riding our ways through the Crown Range, Arrowtown, Queenstown, Walter Peak, the Mavora lakes, Te Anau and Milford Sound. We came back by bus to avoid doing the same route. Now we are ready to set sail on the West coast.

In a few words, the trail from Queenstown to Te Anau is fantastic, alone with the nature ! Then the fjords in the South were quite impressive and we enjoyed a day trip by kayak there!

Have fun!

The highest pass of New Zealand

 Quick stat: day 16 and 790 km

We are now next to the most thrilling city of New Zealand: Queenstown. But do not expect us to do bumjee jumping or other crazy kiwi stuff, we had our own amount of thrill going up the highest pass of New Zealand ! A mere 1060 m, which in comparison to the one in Norway we did almost 2 years ago at around 1400m seems relatively easy. This is without counting on the building road capacities of Kiwis ! They like it hard and steep, we mean really steep ! Even in the lightest gear it seemed hell to cross, but we did it and we are happy to have done it and not have to do it again ;-)

So now we are resting in Arrowtown (18 km from Queenstown) for a couple fo days, time to fix our tent! Well, yeah our brand new tent (2,5 weeks old) broke a pole :-( hopefully it will all be sorted out soon. As our next stop will require “wild” camping, so we absolutely do need a tent !

So to resume our last days: we went from the Canterbury high country to the Otago region, had a rest day in Wanaka next to a beautiful eponym lake and took the road via the Crown Range to Arrowtown.

Take care,

Vera & Jean-Christophe