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A side note on travelling concerning the gastronomy of the countries we are passing through :-)

Alighieri was right

Talking about food between friends can sometimes (always?) be entertaining. However, writing something about it, is different, because lots of the talking goes into body language, whereas when writing it will merely be resumed as: good, very good, delicious and the sort. Here is our attempt to overcome this limit and present you some of the delicacies than can be consumed around the world.

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I beg your pardon??? Dog???

Some people complained that we hadn’t been very courageous as far as our food choices are concerned. It is true that China is probably one of the countries with the most “exotic” food possibilities going from very spartian cuisine in the north, very spicy in the west until eating cat, rats and bugs glued to a stick in the south. But lately we had an experience that will keep everybody’s mouth open, including the people that think we aren’t courageous (we will see how courageous you get ;-) ).

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