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One of the most remote islands in the world, with no land in all directions for 3500 km! This small volcanic island is not only home to the Moai statues, staring inland and watching over their descendants, but also to the Rapa Nui, the actual population which, influenced by their Polynesian ancestors, live to an island rhythm.

Our theory on the Moai…

So we went to this incredibly isolated, but oh so beautiful place called “Easter Island”. Although it belongs officially to Chile since 1888, it breathes the temperament and history of its Polynesian ancestors. Because that is one thing for sure: the Rapa Nui (the inhabitants of Easter Island) came from Polynesia.

Traveller Moai up close

The Traveller Moai of Tongariki

But what about those Moai? Those beautifully carved, elegant, huge statues. With their back at the sea and calmly looking inland, it seems they are waiting for something to happen. But when you see those statues, you just cannot stop asking yourself the following questions: Why are they here? And what function do they have? And how did they transport them (for information: the biggest one ever transported and erected on an ahu (altar) measured 9.20 meters!)? Many scientists have been inventing many diverse and creative theories, but none really convinces and the truth is that until today, nobody has the REAL answer to those questions. But at least we have some ideas about how they transported them…

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