Cycling is our passion! It’s not only a challenge as cyclists have little protection against cars and trucks, weather condition or road states, but definitely also a very rewarding experience, allowing to see the world through different eyes! Touring on a bicycle allows our human nature to be in direct contact with our surrounding environments, to have the time to appreciate it, to feel it and to experience it.

In this section we will tell you some of our nicest experiences on two wheels! At the moment have been touring with our bicycle the following countries or regions in the world (6200 km so far):

America (South)

  • Patagonia: both Chilean and Argentine in 2,5 months, 3500 km


  • Norway: from Oslo to Bergen via the great fjords in 2,5 weeks, 900 km


  • New Zealand: the South island in a bit more than a month, 1800 km

Our adventures in chronological order

This is our cycling travel blog.

This travel blog is all about cycling. As with a diary, the latest blog article (the one on top) is the most recent one. You can find below the links to the latest posts:

  • Sep, 02 8 good reasons to cycle Iceland

    When choosing a good cycling location, several factors come into play. You will most probably be looking at things like elevation plots, water supplies, climate (ok, this probably also applies when you don’t cycle, except that we don’t want it too hot or too wet), distances between destinations and other particular things like “will the […]

  • Aug, 03 Quick word from the North of Iceland

    About 6 days it took us to get from Reykjavik to Blönduós travelling over the highland road called “Kjölur” which traverses Iceland starting at Geysir and ending at the fjords of the north. 7 spokes it cost us to travel 420 km over mainly unasphalted roads. But what an adventure! We had beautiful weather, allowing […]

  • Dec, 02 Ushuaia: The end of the world

    After 2.5 months we finally made it: we arrived at “El fin del Mundo”, Ushuaia! :-)

  • Dec, 01 The Day when we met the rain Gods

    An account of the Day where we met the Patagon rain Gods, and how we found humanity in the most desolated place on Earth.

  • Nov, 28 Some things really shouldn’t be said…

    Some phrases should be forbidden, as they evoke evil, which practically results in our bikes being damaged beyond repair…

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  • Patagonia
    2008, our first real bicycle touring challenge. Going from Temuco (Chile, North of the Region of the Lakes) to Ushuaia (Argentina, Tierra del Fuego) on our bicycle!
    This category contains 12 posts.