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At first, you really think there are only sheep. But travelling around by bicycle makes you discover rather quickly, that there is more to the country than that: snow-capped mountains, white glaciers, deep-blue lakes, lush green native forests and the unforgettable humour of the Kiwis!

“Who digs a hole for another…”

“… falls in himself.”

So a wellknown saying in Holland goes. We however think that it should be changed to:

“Who digs a hole for another… makes sure the other can have a hot spa!”

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A strike in France: travellers stuck in Auckland (NZ)

We were quite looking forward going to Tahiti; after having finished cycling, we passed a few days in Auckland, which wasn’t our favorite city and the weather wasn’t all too good, which made we were quite looking forward to some sunshine in Tahiti. But, arriving at the airport we got a little surprise…

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A foretaste of how hell could possibly be…

For the last part of our cycling trip, we cycled from Greymouth (the most boring city ever, not only of New Zealand but probably in the whole world…) to Christchurch over two passes: Arthur’s Pass and Porter’s Pass. Now luckily the landscapes on this part are absolutely spectacular, because especially the part over Arthur’s Pass seemed to come directly out of hell. Let us explain why…

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Hello West Coast! And goodbye! ;-)

So we had been quite lucky with the weather so far: only one real day of rain at Lake Tekapo, but fine weather the rest of the time (cold though), and even the West Coast had been very kind to us for the last days, and despite fellow travelers telling us: “Oh god! You are going to cycle the West Coast?? Well then, be prepared for the rain!” we didn’t have any rain for the last three to four days cycling up from Wanaka to the Franz Josef Glacier. But…

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The ultimate sensation: caressing a seal!

There is one place on the westcoast that almost everybody goes to see (because it is very beautiful): Milford Sound. However, most people go there on a cruise, sitting on a boat for 1.5 hours, doing the tour and driving back to Te Anau again. This wasn’t too much to our taste and thus we decided to go sea-kayaking instead. :-)

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Going wild!

After having spent most of our time riding asphalted roads, it was now time that we pushed our limits a little and tried some “off-road” on a 4-wheel track from Walter’s Peak to Te Anau. Not only would this be a challenge for our bikes, but also for ourselves as we were going to go through a region without any habitation for a few days. But what a great trip it was: probably one of the highlights of our tour!

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Bicycles are dangerous!

From Queenstown we decided to take the boat over lake Wakatipu to go to Walter’s Peak, from where we would cycle over a inland road to Te Anau on the West Coast. However, when we wanted to take the ferry over the lake we were in for a little surprise…

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So how is it…

…cycling around New-Zealand in autumn? A question we get a lot from a lot of people we meet on the road. Well the answer is…

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