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Beautiful landscapes following “La Ruta 40” in the north, meeting up with friendly inhabitants, chilling out in Buenos Aires and eating loads and loads of first-class-quality meat grilled on the Argentinian barbeque called “Parilla”!

Buenos Aires chill out!

What to say about Buenos Aires? It is a city that is hard to explain in words, as it is one of those places you need to experience to really get the hang of it. For our experience, it was the last stop before flying back to Europe, which was great, as Buenos Aires is a great place for hanging around, think about what you’ve done for a year and say to yourself: “Yep, it was a fantastic trip, definitely a thing we would do again immediately!”

La Boca Contrast Bad weather coming...

So we took some Spanish lessons, visited many different neighborhoods, learned to dance the tango and watched the world go by. Just some simple chill out before we would return to Europe and get back to “normal citizen’s life” again.

Cafe de Las Madres Congresso


Vera & Jean-Christophe

A practical guide to Argentina

Now if you plan on visiting Argentina, be happy that we have been there before you and present you this “practical guide to Argentina” which will help you better understand its population and their traditions. :-)

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After mass-tourism…

… a little bit off the beaten track! :-) After the “shock” of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, it was quite a relief to find a different tourism just over the border with Argentina, where, during 10 days we enjoyed to be on the less traveled tracks.

Adelante! Gaucho detail Cactus power! Gauchos on their way

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