World Trip

Finally a dream comes true: a one year trip around the world!

This section is the story of our adventure around the world. One year travelling through different countries (Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America). You can find all our stories below in chronological order (blog style) or ordered by countries / activities.

Some stories contains photos of the different locations we visited. But you can consult also our photo albums (see the relevant category on the left column). In addition, the track us will allow you to have the latest news about where we are and what we are doing.

We really enjoyed this experience and we hope that you will enjoy reading us.

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Our adventures in chronological order

This is our World Trip travel blog.

Our travel blog is like a public diary where we write our latest thoughts, ideas, adventures, etc. concerning our trip around the world. As in a diary, the latest article (the one on top) is the most recent one. You can find below the links to the latest posts:

Our adventures by countries and/or activities

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  • Argentina
    Beautiful landscapes following "La Ruta 40" in the north, meeting up with friendly inhabitants, chilling out in Buenos Aires and eating loads and loads of first-class-quality meat grilled on the Argentinian barbeque called "Parilla"!
    This category contains 3 posts.
  • Cambodia
    A country which maybe had deserved a little bit more time, but which we visited in "express-mode" due to some obligations elsewhere. But in the short time that we were there, we got to know the humor of the Cambodians, their friendly smiles on every corner of the street and Angkor Wat!
    This category contains 3 posts.
  • Chile
    Distances that are incredible to describe (every trip seems to be at least 10 hours), open spaces, desserts, amazingly beautiful southern skies at night and friendly people.
    This category contains 3 posts.
  • China
    Orient, unreadable scriptures which are pure Chinese to us ;) , rice and fried food, chopstick, bike, great wall and forbidden things (like the City).
    This category contains 8 posts.
  • Easter Island
    One of the most remote islands in the world, with no land in all directions for 3500 km! This small volcanic island is not only home to the Moai statues, staring inland and watching over their descendants, but also to the Rapa Nui, the actual population which, influenced by their Polynesian ancestors, live to an island rhythm.
    This category contains 1 posts.
  • Food & Drinks
    A side note on travelling concerning the gastronomy of the countries we are passing through :-)
    This category contains 2 posts.
  • French Polynesia
    White sandy beaches, palm trees, clear blue water and diving in one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Yes, French Polynesia sure is like in your dreams!
    This category contains 2 posts.
  • Laos
    Same same as Thailand, but different. Same same as South China, but (a lot more) different. Same same as France, but (even more) different. Laos is a country of its own but the history and its neighbours have left deep marks.
    This category contains 7 posts.
  • Madrid

    This category contains 1 posts.
  • Mongolia
    Bumpy roads, mutton food, incredible skies (day and night!), fantastic landscapes, sleeping on a bed made of some wooden benches and Chinggis Khan!
    This category contains 5 posts.
  • Myanmar
    One of the poorest countries in the world, but also the country where we thought people were the friendliest, most generous and funniest, despite a horrible oppressing regime. We spent almost 4 weeks here, enjoying the richness of simple life.
    This category contains 6 posts.
  • Nepal
    Walking at the top of the world on the Annapurna Circuit, enjoying (or hating?) chaotic Kathmandu, travelers diarrhea and an interesting mix of Tibetan, Indian and Nepali culture.
    This category contains 6 posts.
  • New Zealand
    At first, you really think there are only sheep. But travelling around by bicycle makes you discover rather quickly, that there is more to the country than that: snow-capped mountains, white glaciers, deep-blue lakes, lush green native forests and the unforgettable humour of the Kiwis!
    This category contains 12 posts.
  • Preparation
    Packing our bags, taking care of administrative matters, thinking about how to make this website... Everything we did before we left.
    This category contains 6 posts.
  • Russia
    Vodka, long train rides, little sleep and beautiful landscapes...
    This category contains 11 posts.
  • Sydney
    Cosmopolitan, "normal food" (after 7 months in Asia), friendly people, the Glebe neighbourhood, enjoying fish at the fish market and "hanging around" before going to New-Zealand.
    This category contains 3 posts.
  • Thailand
    Glitering temples, monks, smiles, fooooood and fruuiiiits! Thailand is an enjoyable place to visit after the nomansland of the Himalayas. Getting back to a civilisation and some modernism in Bangkok.
    This category contains 4 posts.
  • Track us
    If you want the latest news about where we are and what we do (simple facts), this is the category that will interest you. :)
    This category contains 16 posts.