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A country which maybe had deserved a little bit more time, but which we visited in “express-mode” due to some obligations elsewhere. But in the short time that we were there, we got to know the humor of the Cambodians, their friendly smiles on every corner of the street and Angkor Wat!

Picture in the Picture: Overloaded minibus

While rumbling through our photo-files we found this picture, which is not of very good quality, which is probably the reason why we didn’t publish it in the first place  (it looks like some ISO-problem, due to bad settings – or better: not verified settings – definitely a sure indication of who took this picture ;-) ) but it sure deserves a place within “Picture in the Picture” where “quality doesn’t matter, but the story behind the picture does”.
Anyboday still has a bike he needs transport for?

Anybody still has a bike he needs transport for?

So this is a sure example of something that is very common in South-East Asia: overloading! And this is the proof, that they not only like to overload buses (yeah, yeah, 50 seats, but 120 people, what’s the problem sitting on a bag of rice for 12 hours???) but also mini-vans, cars and basically any means of transport.

So anyone still interested in transporting his/her bike? There is still a loooooooot of space left! :-)

Vera & Jean-Christophe

Pic’ in the Picture: A different idea of business

We took this picture at the market of Siem Reap (Cambodia), the town that sees more than 1 million tourists go by per year to see the Angkor Wat complex. It’s full of tourists everywhere, but luckily at some places, people still live their life quietly and behave like they have been behaving for ages.

Relaxing while doing business

Relaxing while doing business

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The slowest train in the world

Most tourists think Cambodia doesn’t have a train network. Which isn’t completely true as there are some tracks and there are even some trains circulating on it. But it is true, that it cannot be considered a serious mean of transport for visiting Cambodia. Although… We read the opinions of different guidebooks and this was what they said: “Taking a train in Cambodia is for hardcore travellers or very poor ones…” or in another one “Seriously considering taking a train in Cambodia is only for masochistic travellers…” Ok, fair enough! :-) Now we aren’t poor (or at least not very poor), neither masochistic. It’s just pure curiosity that makes we want to judge with our own eyes! And for this time it wasn’t different… So off we went on a train from Phnom Penh to Battambang. Or at least, that was the initial plan…

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