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Cosmopolitan, “normal food” (after 7 months in Asia), friendly people, the Glebe neighbourhood, enjoying fish at the fish market and “hanging around” before going to New-Zealand.

Pic’ in the Picture: Australian humour

In most countries we travelled we had a lot of laughter with the local population. The Lao and Burmese always seem to be in a good mood, we had a lot of fun negotiating with Thai tuc-tuc drivers and we remember laughing a lot with Russians in the Transsiberian railroad who at all price wanted to talk to us even if they often didn’t speak a word of English. But there is one folk that marked us specifically with their humour, an extremely not very expanded in Europe (What’s zis Inglîsh? We’d almoz zink zis articul ‘as been ritten by JaiCéé!!! ;-) ). So what I meant to say is: There is one country where the people marked us especially with their humour. A humour that is a very dry one, not very expanded in Europe, except maybe in Great-Britain: the Australian one! :-)

The Australians have this no-nonsense attitude, which makes they greet everybody with “Hey mate!”. And when we say everybody, we mean everybody: from young to old, no matter the social class. We clearly remember one evening when a rather old lady greeted Jean-Christophe with “Hey mate!” and he got a little bit panicked about how to greet back, because, let’s face it, in Europe it would never ever come to our mind to greet someone the age of our grandparents with “Hey mate!” let alone that this person would greet us like that in return. ;-) But the Australians they do. No problem at all!

Below are some other examples of real Australian humour, there is absolutely nothing to add to this. :-)

The sign says it all...

Seen in the Sydney Harbour

Seen at a small market in Sydney

Seen at a market stall selling delicious chocolate


Vera & Jean-Christophe

Mate, you must be crazy…

… to not want to live in Sydney! With its beaches, nearby national parks, pubs, shopping possibilities and museums, it is definitely a great city to be in! And then we didn’t even talk about the one million different possibilities to fill up your stomach at some of the great restaurants serving creative fusion foods. But maybe Sydney is best described in colors.

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So I know it is time to write something… Probably you are already waiting for it. And yes I know, we just got back from Sydney, which was absolutely fantastic… So I could talk about that and tell you all about their great city with long white sandy beaches and endless blue waters… Or the stunning architecture… Or just the fact how nice it is to be in a “Western” country after having spent 7 months in Asia…

But I just don’t have any inspiration today. And then, even if I had inspiration, sometimes it is just nice to not have to do any “homework”, but instead surf the internet for a few hours (of course sometimes we have a lot to catch up with, especially with a clown as a president, it’s hard to keep up-to-date with all the “bling-bling” going on…).

Maybe in a few days it will get better and my muse will come back to give me a “fully-reloaded-inspiration-kiss”. If that happens, I will let you know.

In the meanwhile, enjoy our pictures, which definitely say as much as words. :-)