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One of the poorest countries in the world, but also the country where we thought people were the friendliest, most generous and funniest, despite a horrible oppressing regime. We spent almost 4 weeks here, enjoying the richness of simple life.

Pic’ in the Picture: What’s the fuss about the Dragon?

The picture below was taken at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), the biggest and most important temple of Myanmar.

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A small thought for the people of Myanmar

A small thought for the people of Myanmar, where we not only met the most friendly and funniest people in the world, but also the most generous ones despite the oppressive regime under which they are living. It seems that unfortunately disasters always happen to the ones that deserve it least…

We have a special thought for our friends Nyeymo, Xyi and Win for whom we hope urgent help doesn’t come too late.

Happiness Young boy Young street vendor -)

If you have a heart and a little money to spare, do not forget them neither. There are many charity organisations that can bring help to them, Médecins sans Frontières is one of them.

Vera & Jean-Christophe

Hilarious Burmese

As we have been talking a lot about the Burmese being very friendly and downright funny, we thought it was maybe time to give you a small example.

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Active in Myanmar

In our last post we spoke of the wonderful people of Burma that make this country a great destination, but of course we also visited sites and regions that are worth mentioning. It gets very hot here though in February and March, so we instaured a different rythm that consisted of visiting in the morning and afternoon, with a big rest in the middle between 12 and 3 PM to avoid the worst heat. A little bit like the Spanish have their siesta (now we understand why… :-) ).

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Myanmar: What else to say but “Smile!”?

Yesterday we came back from Myanmar, on a direct flight to Bangkok. What a shocking contrast! When in the capital of Myanmar, there isn’t any guarantee of 24-hours electricity, the capital of Thailand zooms with aircons, commercials and Thai TV. When throughout Myanmar foreign TV-channels are banned and considered as “liars” or “the enemy”, in Bangkok it seems that anything is possible (except saying anything bad about the king of course). But what a great trip we had in Myanmar. Read More »

Myanmar: Go or no go?

Myanmar. Country with a military dictatorship that is among the most brutal and oppressive regimes in the world. Following elections in 1989, its military rulers refused to hand over power to the democratically elected government, prompting a call for economic sanctions and a tourism boycott. In more recent times, peaceful demonstrations have been disrupted by force and there have been reports of illegal detention, beatings and killings.

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