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Packing our bags, taking care of administrative matters, thinking about how to make this website… Everything we did before we left.

Finally our new website is working!

And what better to celebrate this with (finally) the map of our planned itinerary? :-)

World trip itinerary (click to enlarge)

World trip itinerary (click to enlarge)

Vera & Jean-Christophe

PS: Yeah I know, my geographical knowledge is not completely correct, but hey did you ever see a turtle-like map of the world? ;-) Vera

Packing our bags…

Today we started packing our bags. Now as you could have been reading in earlier articles, people started asking us WHAT we were going to take and especially HOW.

As we did not really know the answer to those questions neither (except for some general ideas like “not too heavy” and “not too big”) we decided to put all the basic stuff we wanted to take together and have a look at the result.

Then it is also very important to look at “personal stuff” each of us wanted to take: Vera being more of a sweet-ache, wishing to take Nutella, candy, chocolate and a bottle of Martinti and Jean-Christophe as a real French would not leave the country without a good bottle of wine, cheese and sausages (did anybody notice the presence of a laptop? Anybody still convinced that my boyfriend is not a geek?).

So if you make a simple count, you will quickly see that all this is not going to fit into our backpack.

Summing up!

So we took things out in order to fit everything in. :-( Result: 11 kg for each of us and a sparkle of hope that we might be able to find some good cheese and some Nutella in Russia. ;-)

Vera & Jean-Christophe

Working on the website

Olala, what a hard time Jean-Christophe had working on the website these days…

“Working” on the website



Everyone thinks about the most important stuff…

Now that the departure date is drawing to a close, (only 84 days left) people slowly start wondering about the most important issues of our travel.

Ellis (for information: Vera’s sister who spends most of her time and money on buying clothes): But if you have only one backpack, how are you going to handle taking all your clothes? And how many clothes are you going to take? Not much I guess…

Jean-Christophe: I was wondering about one thing during the world trip… How are we going to do it with the food?

Luckily Superwoman is still there to take care of the really important stuff, such as booking the tickets (ok, one has to be fair, Jean-Christophe helped with this), taking care of administrative stuff, demanding visa, organising train tickets for Russia, etc.

:-) Vera

PS: Jean-Christophe is making a small map with our future (flight-)destinations. As soon as it is finished it will be published on the website.

For Rachel, or Why a worldtrip are not (only) holidays…

First of all: Happy New Year to everybody! That all your wishes and dreams may come true! :-)

Ever since this miraculous number “7” appeared in the signification of the current year, friends and family have been mentioning, that 2007 is for sure going to be a great year for us, as this year we are starting our trip around the world! And yes! Of course we are very excited about it also, especially as we are considering changing our departure date to the first of August, which would make that from today, exactly 200 days are left until the BIG DATE.

But what most people do not consider is that undertaking a project like that demands an important share of organization (probably more than some people get in their entire life). Now this article is especially dedicated to Rachel, who thinks that organizing and doing a world trip is “just the same thing as organizing your holidays”. Let’s have a look at this statement a little closer in this article.
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Jean-Christophe’s Worldtrip

Finally the first (important) step for our worldtrip has been done: we bought a photo camera. Now for those of you who do not know Jean-Christophe that well, it took Vera quite some of her best conviction techniques to make him see that a worldtrip is actually a good thing because it would give him some real excuse to invest in a new, far too expensive photo camera.

To put it in his language:

“IF worldtrip
THEN photo camera”

So yesterday we went for the n-th time to a camera store “just to see what they look like”. This article is a tentative to describe what went through our heads while at the store…
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