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Glitering temples, monks, smiles, fooooood and fruuiiiits! Thailand is an enjoyable place to visit after the nomansland of the Himalayas. Getting back to a civilisation and some modernism in Bangkok.

Long live the king?

Ok, so in Holland we have a queen who is nice and friendly, visiting schools and stuff, doing some hand-shaking from time to time and making sure she wears a different hat for each occasion. In other words, we don’t mind having her as long as she doesn’t say or does too much… In Thailand, the vision on His Royal Highness is a different story… (same same, but different… ;-) ).

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Same same… but different!

Same same, but different. We had seen people walking around with t-shirts saying “same same” in the front and “but different” in the back at Bangkok and we seriously had been wondering what it was, and it took us quite some time to find out, but now that we know, we completely, absolutely agree to it: it is very funny! :-)

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :-)

Merrry Christmas! :-)

Too good to be true

One would say that after more than 4 months of travelling, nothing can go wrong anymore: diarrhea should belong to the past, ordering food without understanding a character on a menu should become “normal” and ripoffs shouldn’t happen to us anymore. Well, the truth is different! Or lets say that “in Bangkok the truth is different”. ;-)

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