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Quick word from the North of Iceland

About 6 days it took us to get from Reykjavik to Blönduós travelling over the highland road called “Kjölur” which traverses Iceland starting at Geysir and ending at the fjords of the north. 7 spokes it cost us to travel 420 km over mainly unasphalted roads. But what an adventure! We had beautiful weather, allowing […]

Picture in the Picture: Chinglish

While in China, we talked about “Chinglish”, the Chinese English that sometimes is a little bit hard to understand and can be very funny sometimes. We already published a fine example of English translation “free style” and while going through our pictures recently, we found a few more examples, that we really think deserve to […]

Picture in the Picture: Early morning solitude

This picture was taken in the gardens around the Temple of Heaven in Beijing early in the morning. Beijing is one big mess of cars, people, bikes and the general “Chinese-loudness”. But if you have the courage to get up early enough in the morning and walk through the different gardens scattered over town, you […]

Picture in the Picture: Fresh!

This picture definitely says it all in South-East Asia: fresh products rule! Vera & Jean-Christophe

Picture in the Picture: Overloaded minibus

Buses, bikes, minivans… everything tends to get overloaded in Asia.

Picture in the picture: The sacred blue “hadag”

The meaning of the blue silk cloth explained.

Pic’ in the Picture: Australian humour

We think Australians had some very particular humor which kind of reflects the way they are: everything is very uncomplicated! :-)

Playing for change

Sometimes, when nostalgia hits (for example when we make the big mistake to look at too many of our pictures or read old posts on our travels, which makes us realizing that we want to go travelling again. Yes, we are nostalgic of that freedom and we miss all the nice people we met on […]