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Pic’ in the Picture: A small lesson about yurts

This Picture in the Picture talks about Mongolian ghers: the main house for nomads who live on the rough steppes and whom we had the chance to meet while traveling Mongolia.

Pic’ in the Picture: Arrogance

An example of an interesting translation from Chinese into English making for some nice “Chinglish”. :-)

Pic’ in the Picture: Fixing a TV the Lao way

A funny way of repairing a TV in Laos.

Pic’ in the picture: The other side of tourism

Trash is a problem in Nepal. And although they try to hide it, evidence is everywhere for those who want to see it.

Ushuaia: The end of the world

After 2.5 months we finally made it: we arrived at “El fin del Mundo”, Ushuaia! :-)

Some things really shouldn’t be said…

Some phrases should be forbidden, as they evoke evil, which practically results in our bikes being damaged beyond repair…

Hiking into Argentina

Going from Chile to Argentina following a walking path. An account of the border crossing Villa O’Higgins (Caleta Mancilla) to El Chaltén.

Our Ruta 40 experience

Why the Ruta 40 is not made for us. Or maybe it’s the other way around?