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The Carretera Austral

Cycling the road south from Chaiten to Coyhiaque over the famous “Carretera Austral”.

It’s all a matter of perspective

Everything is a matter of perspective: when everything is black, the white always seems more bright!

Welcome to Patagonia!

First impressions of cycling in Patagonia.

Pic’ in the Picture: What’s the fuss about the Dragon?

In Myanmar, the day on which you are born says a lot about your character. In this article we have a closer look at our birthdays.

Told you so…

In this article you can learn what happens if you leave home without a decent map.

Not many words are needed…

Our nerves didn’t enjoy our cycling tour as much as we did… ;-)

As a little training-tour…

Our first cycling impressions on a small training tour from France to Germany.

Pic’ in the Picture: Moscow time please!

In Russia, everything is organized around the so-called “Moscow time”. It’s a good thing for organizing things, but as a traveller you sometimes get lost in the time-zone jungle.