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White sandy beaches, palm trees, clear blue water and diving in one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Yes, French Polynesia sure is like in your dreams!

The Yin and Yang of French Polynesia

Yes, French Polynesia is about white, sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, palm trees and coconuts lying around everywhere for everybody free to eat. Top that with incredibly friendly people, French baguette and croissants and you seriously start wondering why you are still living in Europe.


French Polynesia also has some obscure dark sides which we will lighten up a little bit in this article.

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Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

But in our case, today will be yesterday. ;-)

Yep, get that brain working…! ;-)
We are leaving Auckland the 6th of June, arriving in Pape’ete (Tahiti) the 5th of June, thereby traversing a time-zone and gaining a day. :-) Well it was about time also, because for the moment we only kept loosing them…

Or let’s say better: we hope we are going to arrive the 5th of June. This article has been written before our departure and will be published automatically.

And our departure all depends on somebody in France going on strike or not… ;-)

Vera & Jean-Christophe