After mass-tourism…

… a little bit off the beaten track! :-) After the “shock” of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, it was quite a relief to find a different tourism just over the border with Argentina, where, during 10 days we enjoyed to be on the less traveled tracks.

Adelante! Gaucho detail Cactus power! Gauchos on their way

Now being off the main circit also means that it is harder to travel: buses are scarcer (or inexistent), guest houses are hard to find and don’t you think that in THIS part of Argentina you are going to find somebody who speaks English for that matter! ;-)u

But the good thing is that people in this part of the country are very friendly and still understand what it means to be hospitable and kind. Thanks to that, while hitchhiking a few times, we met some great people, who definitely (and often literally!) went that extra mile to get us to the place we wanted to go. Or, when we went to a local tourist information in a small forgotten village, they were so happy to see a foreign tourist, that they would keep us there for at least an hour, proudly explaining everything about the region and not letting us go, until they were sure that the lady owning the local guest house would personally come and pick us up! :-) Another remarkable event, and which wouldn’t have existed if it wouldn’t have been for the incredible kindness of Argentinian people, was to share some bottle of wine and grilled meat all the while discussing world politics in a Spanish-Italian-French-English attempt to understand each other (remark that, the more wine we drank, the better we understood each other ;-) ).

Helloooo! Talampaya National Park Tried to make a fence... Modern art

Argentina, mi amor, we love you already, and we haven’t even been to Buenos Aires yet! :-)

Vera & Jean-Christophe