The story continues…

After a year of great experiences and encounters all over the world, it is now almost time to go home.


And then, we are only going home to come back…


Yep! Our trip continues! From the 15th of September until the 15th of December we will come back to South-America to visit Patagonia by bicycle! :-)

A story to be continued…

The oldest church of Chile, Chiu ChiuPerfect reflectionLaguna reflectionHello!Sunset reflectionBeautiful view ;-)Inca patternsTypical Chilean dance performanceSailor manStreet artist at the Plaza de ArmasIn front of Moai at Anakena BeachSunbathing at Anakena BeachA Rapa Nui altar in the form of a boatThinking of the moon...Blowing in the wind...Bonjour!Enjoying a swim!Rapa Nui flowerFakarava dancerPlant patternColourful pareos!Parrot fishEnjoying a hot bath!FootprintsOut of the dark...One of our roads...Huge!The winning team! ;-)Highplain landscapeOn the road...The Southern AlpsFireworks!Picture on the top! :-)Autumn splendorstill happy! :-)Blue lagoonYes! It's snowing! :-)Lake PukakiSydney Opera HouseSailing on a Sunday morningJust before the rainHere you feel safeWingsWindy!Sky on fire!Blue!Hot fishIn between vegetablesIt's flying!Playing games with a local monkModern artOn a motorbike!Merrry Christmas! :-)Buddha headThree heads!Lined up!In a Thai trainSunset at Wat Chai WattanaranGggggrrr!!Playing games with local kidsPosing monksMonks in the morningBuddha against colorful backgroundWestern colorsHappy, but almost cookedProtected flowersWild wild west! ;-)The Dusty Lao roadCute!Local child in the morning sunJungle picknickLocal fishermenOld local ladyClimbing stairs at BayonYoung street vendorPagoda sunbathing, BagoNovice monk studying paliWaiting for the heat to pass at a teahouse, YangonHaving fun with a monk, Shwedagon pagodaI want to be different...Buddha at Shwedagon Pagoda Sun in my eyes!Faces at BayonMotos waiting for customersTrain journey in a hammockEnjoying the train-hammocksEggs for sale!HappinessStupa in a forest monasteryPicture! Picture! Picture!Sister proud of her younger brotherProud mother, KalawMyanmar villageOur guide Win, BagoBrotherhoodDal Bhat? No, Myanmar curry!You buy? Postcards? Please?Myanmar men posing with their longyiGold up front!BarefootScratching the sky at IndeinUna milla!Myanmar lady making tissueWorking the field with oxesRunning in the air!Happy in the morning sunBack from Annapurna BasecampEvening view from PoonhillIntriguedTibetan holy inscriptionsDrinking tea with the lamaDo I scare you?Stupas in the morning lightWe did it!!! :-)Tibetan nunGoing down after the passPeugeot!Local ladiesBeautiful stupaTo Upper PisangBloody Maoists! :-(Colours for sale!Tibetan inscriptionsNepali coupleColourful roofMonkeys being observedYakbutter candlesReflectionBicycling! :-)Eating crabTwin Towers of GuilinMaoi girls posingChinese flutesOld man observing a chess gameOld man in ChengduSichuan opera singerAnd eating...Colourful monkAnybody knows any Chinese?Shadow GameThe delicious resultConcentrationDetail of a ger (yourt)Small girl doing the clownJump!Detail of prayer flagsTogether with an old Mongolian manHerd of camelsCamelsIt got quite cold in the evening...Yes! We're in Baikal!Us!Our little group of the second tripRussian friendsTrains standing in line at the Train Museum, NovosibirskRussian Babushka?Old Yekaterinburg train stationProvodnitsa (Train Cabin Attendants)MatrioschkaMore details...On the Red SquareGolden statue at PeterhofKremlinRestoring detailsColoured houses along St Petersburg's canalUs near the Neva river

Vera & Jean-Christophe


  1. Florent
    Posted July 25, 2008 at 9:56 | Permalink

    En tout cas, quel plaisir de suivre vos pérégrinations… J’imagine que ce sera plus difficile à vélo en Patagonie :-)

  2. Jenny
    Posted July 29, 2008 at 7:26 | Permalink

    Et ben là ça commence à me faire envie la patagonie :)
    Bonne rentrée à vous deux, et peut-être aurons nous le temps de nous voir avant la fin de l’année pour un petit tour dans les Alpes ou autre, qui sait.. ;)

  3. Posted July 29, 2008 at 22:21 | Permalink

    Hello Vera, Jean-Christophe, I read your adventures from the beginning. Not everything in detail but regularly. I enjoyed everything so it’s a pleasure to see that it will carry on soon with Patagonia.
    If in between you come to Toulouse, let me know, I will like to share with you your thoughts. Cheers. Patrice

  4. Jean-Christophe
    Posted July 30, 2008 at 18:59 | Permalink

    @Florent : et comment plus difficile ! Oui, on a juste un peu plus d’un mois pour s’entraîner physiquement et préparer notre aventure. Mais on est très impatient de commencer :-)

    @Jenny : Ça serait sympa de vous voir dans les Alpes. Mais ça sera plus probablement l’année prochaine. :-)

    @Patrice: I will not have the time to pass by Toulouse before going to Patagonia. But I will definitively pass by next year!

    @Everyone: We wish to thank you all for your support, comments and to have followed us along! It was always a pleasure to read your little messages.

  5. Posted September 9, 2008 at 19:28 | Permalink

    Hello world explores,
    Have a nice trip again… be envious about
    Best wishes a have a save trip
    Giel and Paul