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At first, you really think there are only sheep. But travelling around by bicycle makes you discover rather quickly, that there is more to the country than that: snow-capped mountains, white glaciers, deep-blue lakes, lush green native forests and the unforgettable humour of the Kiwis!

Talking to the sheep…

… and other stuff you do while on the road by bicycle.

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Our first kms…

So after having spent a lot of time in Auckland (too much time to Vera’s taste, she got all cranky about it, which wasn’t helped by the never-ending shower-rain pouring along) we finally have been cycling a bit!

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It’s hard…

… being a backpacker.

After 3 full days of running through Auckland, finding a tent and a bike to rent for both of us, Jean-Christophe had the following remarks (very much to the amusement of Vera):

“I definitely prefer working. At least you have a real weekend.”

“I can’t believe how much we have been walking today! And I still have a belly!!!”


Vera & Jean-Christophe

For the love of cycling…

Full title: Why the h*ll are we doing this? For the love of cycling…

Based on a true story. This is a work of non-fiction. All the people in it are real and are identified by their real names.

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