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The Day when we met the rain Gods

An account of the Day where we met the Patagon rain Gods, and how we found humanity in the most desolated place on Earth.

Gauchos on bicycle

Riding the Patagonian open steppe, we heavily feel like Gauchos. And when you look under the hood, we are not really different from them.

Alighieri was right

Talking about food between friends can sometimes (always?) be entertaining. However, writing something about it, is different, because lots of the talking goes into body language, whereas when writing it will merely be resumed as: good, very good, delicious and the sort. Here is our attempt to overcome this limit and present you some of […]

Good winds!

Since a few days, we are enjoying the nice city of the Good Winds or Buenos Aires in Argentina! Though we had our lot of administrative problems to solve, we could enjoy some relaxing moments in the city, stroll in the beautiful streets (of which some look like the ones of Paris), breath the rhythms […]

Ciao di Cordoba!

We are now in Cordoba resting for a couple of days before heading to Buenos Aires. In the past week, we visited the remote North-West provinces of Argentina, with some really beautiful and isolated places. The contact with Argentinian was extremely nice and welcoming! Probably Vera will tell you soon in an article more about […]

Northern Chile Express

Here we are now, less than a 100 km from the Argentinian border (which means next door for Chilean!). Tomorrow is our last day in Chile and we are heading for Salta, Argentina tomorrow. Chile was a huge country with an average bus ride of 20 hours, and unlike Laos, the average speed is more […]

Santiago, South America

Here we are now on the South American continent! We just landed a few hours ago in Santiago De Chile. The weather is grey, with rain and a temperature of 9 degree celsius. So nothing to envy us But we won´t talk too long then of the wonderful weather we had in Rapa Nui (Easter […]

Happy Easter ;-)

We just landed on Easter Island a few hours ago and we are enjoying local downpour rain (though it is not really cold here). Quite a change from Tahiti and the atoll of Fakarava where we stayed and enjoyed sunshine, little rain showers (free hot water!!) and a whole range of blue colored waters, sharks […]