The highest pass of New Zealand

 Quick stat: day 16 and 790 km

We are now next to the most thrilling city of New Zealand: Queenstown. But do not expect us to do bumjee jumping or other crazy kiwi stuff, we had our own amount of thrill going up the highest pass of New Zealand ! A mere 1060 m, which in comparison to the one in Norway we did almost 2 years ago at around 1400m seems relatively easy. This is without counting on the building road capacities of Kiwis ! They like it hard and steep, we mean really steep ! Even in the lightest gear it seemed hell to cross, but we did it and we are happy to have done it and not have to do it again ;-)

So now we are resting in Arrowtown (18 km from Queenstown) for a couple fo days, time to fix our tent! Well, yeah our brand new tent (2,5 weeks old) broke a pole :-( hopefully it will all be sorted out soon. As our next stop will require “wild” camping, so we absolutely do need a tent !

So to resume our last days: we went from the Canterbury high country to the Otago region, had a rest day in Wanaka next to a beautiful eponym lake and took the road via the Crown Range to Arrowtown.

Take care,

Vera & Jean-Christophe