The cycle loop is done!

Quick stat: 5 weeks and 1800 km

We are now back in Christchurch after the difficult route from Greymouth via Arthur’s and Porter’s Passes, but so beautiful and rewarding.

Before Greymouth, we cycled through the West coast which was quite “wild”: we had to plan carefully in advance to have enough cash and food as shops and banks are scarced there! Now we are relaxing a bit in Christchurch, having sushi and salads with coffee :-)

Tomorrow, we are going to take the train+ferry+night-bus back to Auckland. Almost 24 hours to get there! And then, we will enjoy pretty soon some rest in Tahiti!


Jean-Christophe & Vera

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  1. ivaberthon
    Posted June 3, 2008 at 9:35 | Permalink

    Cash OR food ? Je t’imagine volontiers, Jean-Christophe, choisir, dans ces conditions, la deuxième proposition… :-)