Back from Myanmar, the Sea is expecting us!

We are now back from Myanmar (Burma). The country is fantastic to visit thanks to the generosity and welcome-ness of its inhabitants, though they are living difficult times and a clear lack of freedom.

We stayed on the beaten trails (which doesn’t mean that they are not bumpy!) as it was low tourist season and because of the recent events last autumn, the tourists were scarce. So we enjoyed visiting:

  • Yangon, the capital of Myanmar.
  • Bago and the Golden Rock, not much of a sight if you are not Buddhist, but there are enjoyable people and hikes.
  • Inle lake, fresh air, treks and nice people.
  • Mandalay, where we kept on trying to avoid paying government fees.
  • Bagan, the ancient city nowadays in ruins but which is still as impressive as it must have been in the 12th century AD.
  • People, we had such great times with local people and some travellers!

You can check the photos from Myanmar as they are now online!

Now we are back in Thailand in Hat Yai, Southern States and tomorrow evening we will be enjoying the sun set on Koh Tarutao, a protected island on the Andaman coast.

The plan is to stay a big week there, and then go back to Bangkok to fly to Sydney on the 1st of April. We should then be leaving the Asiatic continent which we visited for about 7 months. Unless buses, airlines or the weather play us an April Fool. ;-)


  1. Posted April 6, 2008 at 16:39 | Permalink

    Vous allez pouvoir terminer le compte des kg de riz ingurgités dans la colonne Fast Facts , maintenant que vous avez quitté l’Asie, non ? Et compter bientôt le nombre de jours en-dessous de 0 degrés ? Aïe ! Aïe ! Aïe !!! En fait, je vous souhaite une merveilleuse saison *sous-équatoriale* bien sûr. Bacioni

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    Alors?? pas de poisson d’avril? Vous êtes bien arrivés en Australie? Bonnes nouvelles aventures dans ce continent magnifique!! Gros kiss