Pic’ in the Picture: What’s the fuss about the Dragon?

The picture below was taken at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), the biggest and most important temple of Myanmar.

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Pic’ in the Picture: Moscow time please!

This picture was taken in Moscow, Russia and shows the one and only so-called “Moscow Time”. Russia is a country so big, that it incorporates 11 time zones: from GMT+2 to GMT+12. Therefore, in order to keep track a bit, and to make it easier for everybody (somebody in Moscow certainly thought), trains tables, departures and arrivals are always indicated with the Moscow time. So if you are in Irkutsk and your train ticket says a departure at 17h15, this means in reality a departure of 22h15 local time as Irkutsk is 5 hours ahead of Moscow. However, keep in mind that trains that don’t cross time-zones (local trains), go on local time! So if your ticket says 17h15, it is indeed 17h15… Easy once you understand it, but until then, you might be in for some surprises.
Moscow Time!

Moscow Time

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Pic’ in the Picture: A different idea of business

We took this picture at the market of Siem Reap (Cambodia), the town that sees more than 1 million tourists go by per year to see the Angkor Wat complex. It’s full of tourists everywhere, but luckily at some places, people still live their life quietly and behave like they have been behaving for ages.

Relaxing while doing business

Relaxing while doing business

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Pic’ in the Picture: Curious buddhas

We decided to create a new category: “Picture in the Picture”. During our trip around the world, we have been taking a lot of pictures of course, some better, some worse, and in this category we want to put some of those pictures in the spotlight. Not because it is very beautiful or technically a “good picture”, but because there is a nice story to tell about it. Like this, we will take pictures from our collection at random and will tell their stories, anecdotes and experiences from around the world. Enjoy reading and travelling!

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Visiting Madrid

For the last part of our trip, we had a small stop in Madrid, where we visited some friends and went to see some cultural things in the museums. Read More »

Buenos Aires chill out!

What to say about Buenos Aires? It is a city that is hard to explain in words, as it is one of those places you need to experience to really get the hang of it. For our experience, it was the last stop before flying back to Europe, which was great, as Buenos Aires is a great place for hanging around, think about what you’ve done for a year and say to yourself: “Yep, it was a fantastic trip, definitely a thing we would do again immediately!”

La Boca Contrast Bad weather coming...

So we took some Spanish lessons, visited many different neighborhoods, learned to dance the tango and watched the world go by. Just some simple chill out before we would return to Europe and get back to “normal citizen’s life” again.

Cafe de Las Madres Congresso


Vera & Jean-Christophe

Alighieri was right

Talking about food between friends can sometimes (always?) be entertaining. However, writing something about it, is different, because lots of the talking goes into body language, whereas when writing it will merely be resumed as: good, very good, delicious and the sort. Here is our attempt to overcome this limit and present you some of the delicacies than can be consumed around the world.

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A practical guide to Argentina

Now if you plan on visiting Argentina, be happy that we have been there before you and present you this “practical guide to Argentina” which will help you better understand its population and their traditions. :-)

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