After mass-tourism…

… a little bit off the beaten track! :-) After the “shock” of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, it was quite a relief to find a different tourism just over the border with Argentina, where, during 10 days we enjoyed to be on the less traveled tracks.

Adelante! Gaucho detail Cactus power! Gauchos on their way

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The story continues…

After a year of great experiences and encounters all over the world, it is now almost time to go home.


And then, we are only going home to come back…

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Good winds!

Since a few days, we are enjoying the nice city of the Good Winds or Buenos Aires in Argentina!

Though we had our lot of administrative problems to solve, we could enjoy some relaxing moments in the city, stroll in the beautiful streets (of which some look like the ones of Paris), breath the rhythms of Tango, Cumba or Bosa Nova (though the latest are not typical Argentinian) and learn some basic conversation essentials in Spanish, very useful at the end of our trip ;-) .

There is still a lot to visit and enjoy, and why not even taking some Tango lessons?!? Buenos Aires is definitively a nice place and, especially after such an adventure around the world, it is an excellent city to end our trip.

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Doing it “our way”

Now although we quite enjoyed Chile so far (nice people, very beatiful landscapes and good buses :-) ) we had a little bit of a deception when we got to San Pedro de Atacama in the north. We already had a small feeling that this place was going to be very touristy, but we didn’t expect it to be a “circus-town” with more travel-agencies and fancy, too expensive restaurants than actual people living there. But we tried not to get the mass-tourism-virus take us down, ignored the tour operators jumping on us everytime we went out for a walk and rented a car to do some tours on our own. Definitely not the most economic solution (glups!) but for sure the best one for our mental state. Have a look at our picture story below. :-)

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The difference with Chilean buses…

So as it is up to me to do the real work, let’s get started! ;-) The good thing about me doing the work though is that I get to decide on most articles. :-) So let’s talk about my favorite subject once more: buses!

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My dear love…

This morning Jean-Christophe came to me saying: “I wrote something on the website!” all happy and smug about himself. So when I went to have a look, what did I find? A small article, saying the bare minimum, with a magnificent sentence:

“Probably Vera will soon tell you more about it in an article.”

Basically it’s up to me to do the real work… Great! :-|


Ciao di Cordoba!

We are now in Cordoba resting for a couple of days before heading to Buenos Aires.

In the past week, we visited the remote North-West provinces of Argentina, with some really beautiful and isolated places. The contact with Argentinian was extremely nice and welcoming! Probably Vera will tell you soon in an article more about it.

Enjoy your time, cheers,

Jean-Christophe & Vera

Santiago de Chile: A nice city after all…

Before going to Santiago de Chile, a lot of people told us “Ah, you’ll see, it’s nothing there. Just a big business center!” or “Santiago? Oh no! Don’t stay there longer than a day! It’s horrible!”. Even our guidebook made us believe that Santiago was not worth the effort saying that “you shouldn’t spend too much time here” or “Santiago shouldn’t be the highlight of your stay in Chile”.

But we actually proved all those people and the guidebook are wrong: we think Santiago is worth the detour. You just have to do the effort to go out and find the nice places and neighbourhoods and you will find out that Santiago actually has quite a lot to offer. :-)

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